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Setting a Higher Standard in the Industry

How We Assist Our Collision Repair Partners


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The team at CCS provides support programs for the entire collision repair business...including customized estimating training, evaluation and monitoring to financial analysis and bench-marking.  Estimatics Programs Include:

  • Total Loss Processing

  • Waste Calculation

  • Not-Included Refinish Ops

  • Not-Included Body/Structural Ops

  • Repair Planning with OEM Procedures



Technical support and training is an important part of your business, why not partner with a company that takes technical support to a new level?  Problem solving? Of course.  Better yet, problem prevention!  California Color Source works proactively with your staff to improve processes and reduce errors from happening in the first place.



Managing Materials is best left to the professionals.  CCS manages shop materials through inventory, processes, streamlining, reporting and analysis.  Material profit is driven by estimatics, materials management, use/waste and process improvement.

Get to Know Us

Experience Matters

Servicing collision repair partners for over 20 years in Northern California as a single-line PBE distributor, our focus is overall shop profitability.

Varying backgrounds include time with:

  • Paint manufacturers; management, training, sales, operations

  • Collision repair; technicians, estimating, management

  • PBE Distributor - Combining this diverse industry experience to better support our clients.

This experience gives CCS a unique position to support our collision repair partners in all aspects of the business.

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