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Business Solutions

California Color Source is focused on Impacting what matters most to the bottom line of our clients.  People, processes, estimatics and bench-marking results are areas we focus the most attention while providing ongoing management coaching and mentoring.

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People & Processes

Attracting, Hiring and developing the right people has become increasingly more competitive and complex.  That's why a third-party perspective and the sharing of best-practices can assist with this process.

Providing guidelines and procedures for your team ensures everyone is on the same page and working towards the same results.

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Materials Management

Managing Materials is best left to the professionals.  CCS manages shop materials through consigned inventory, processes, streamlined product assortments, reporting and analysis.  Material profit is driven by estimatics, materials management, use/waste and process improvement.

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Enhancing Estimatics

The most overlooked opportunity in the collision repair business is properly charging for the work you perform.  CCS has developed a program of training modules to educate your team and improve profitability by focusing on what impacts most, Labor Sales.  Through classroom,  1:1 coaching and estimate auditing our goal is to increase a minimum of 1-2 hours per R.O. on both Refinish and Body Labor.  This is achieved by using O.E.M. repair procedures, understanding estimating databases and not-included operations.

Estimatics Information Sheet

Courses Include:​

  • Total Loss Processing (Calculator Tool)

  • Hazardous Waste (Calculator Tool)

  • Not-Included Refinish Operations

  • Not-Included Body/Structural Operations

Performance Bench Marking

Continuous Improvement is the goal of any business and the key to improvement is knowing how you are performing.  Monthly reporting from CCS includes:

  • Performance Report

    • Estimatics, Cycle Time and Material Profit compared to our client group average

  • Gross Profit Report

    • All GP categories with 12 Month trailing results and a client group average bench mark

  • P&L Report

    • Gross and Net profit along with lead overhead expense categories with 12 Month trailing results and a client group average bench mark.

  • Material Profit Report

    • Material profitability and key metrics including refinish hours/RO, ounces mixed per/RO, etc.

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